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Pathfinder photo from the July 2, 1987 issue

Lindey's Bayburger Wagon recently opened on the shores of Seeley Lake near Lindey's Steakhouse.

35 years ago: July 2, 1987 issue

Bayburgers offers lakeside lunch

Lindey's Bayburgers recently opened for lunch on the shores of Seeley Lake at Lindey's Landing West. Bayburgers, hot dogs, nachos, soda and bags of ice are available at the new facility operated by Mark Lindemer, who is assisted by employee Shauna Haines, and Mark's parents Margie and Lindey.

The Bayburger Wagon is a one-of-a-kind restaurant on wheels that serves food, soft drinks and ice from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Visitors can arrive by land, sea or air, Lindey chuckles. There are several picnic tables and chairs available for seating.

The idea for the Bayburger Wagon, and the concept of lakeside dining, came about because of the numerous family picnics held near Lindey's Steakhouse. "This is something we kind of wanted to share with other people," Lindey said recently. Lindey's Bayburgers and Lindey's Prime Steak House will be open throughout the summer season.

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35 years ago: July 2, 1987 issue

School plans classroom additions

Pathfinder photo from the July 4, 2002 issue

WANTED: For breaking and entering, armed robbery, grand theft-turkey breast, leaving the scene of a crime, and leaving refrigerator and freezer doors open. This fellow is armed (pawed) and dangerous. He will scope out the joint prior to invasion and will even pose for pictures. When the victim leaves the premises, the suspect will make his move tearing off screens to gain access. Also has an affinity for vanilla ice cream. If seen around Bitterroot Drive on the Double Arrow, take necessary precautions!! Bears are out: we received the above notice from Mary Lynn Jones, who lives on the Double Arrow Ranch on Bitterroot Drive. The bear gained access to her home and raided the refrigerator. So Beware! To read more from this issue visit

The Seeley Lake Elementary School district is planning major renovations, scheduled to take place over the next two years according to Principal John Hebnes. Though a new building project had been abandoned last fall because of construction restrictions, the board has found a way to install necessary classroom facilities without asking voters for more money.

Four modular classrooms have been purchased from the Colstrip school district and will be moved to Seeley Lake sometime this summer...

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35 years ago: July 2, 1987 issue

Community Council approved

The new Seeley Lake Community Council was approved by Missoula County Commissioners last week. The council will provide a communications link between Seeley Lake residents and the Missoula County Commissioners. It is the first rural council of its kind in Missoula County according to County Commissioner Ann Mary Dussault.

Bud Johnson, Seeley Lake resident, has been active in establishing the community council The next step, he said, is for the county commissioners to appoint seven area residents to the council...

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