By Bill Decker
Seeley Lake Sewer District Manager 

Engage in next steps with Sewer District Selection Committee


In March 2022 the Seeley Lake Missoula County Sewer District advertised a “Request For Qualifications” to address the groundwater degradation occurring in the District.

The District received four responses to its request. The responses were from Morrison/Maierle, IMEG (formerly Territorial Land works), AquaTech and SepticNet/WET.

The “Qualifications” were reviewed and scored by the Board of Directors of the District.

 A District Selection Committee will interview all the respondents. The Selection Committee is composed of two board members, three residents of the District and the District Manager.

SepticNet/WET received the highest score from the Board and will be interviewed first. That interview will be held June 29 at 6 p.m. at The Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitors Center (The Barn). The public is invited to attend this meeting and will be given the opportunity to ask questions after the Selection Committee has finished with their questions. Those not able to attend the meeting in person are encouraged to send any questions they would like asked at the meeting to the District Manager Bill Decker at The Manager will ask those questions during the meeting. The meeting will also be on Zoom. The link will be posted on the Seeley Lake Missoula County Sewer District website


SepticNet manufactures, installs and maintains Septic Nutrient Elimination Technology on-site treatment systems at numerous locations throughout Montana. SepticNet is an innovative, patented, modular septic system designed for use with new construction or as an upgrade to existing on-site septic systems.

WET is a full service engineering and consulting firm with multiple Montana locations. WET has extensive experience in the municipal, residential and commercial water and wastewater design and permitting arena.

The interviews with Morrison Maierle and IMEG will be scheduled for sometime in July. We are reviewing all the participants’ schedules to coordinate the date.

 Over their 76 years of history Morrison Maierle has collaborated with communities across Montana on diverse wastewater needs. Their wastewater experience ranges from centralized wastewater facilities with regional wastewater collection systems to small, decentralized wastewater collection and treatment systems.

IMEG has vast experience with sanitary sewer projects in multiple communities across Montana. They provide design services for municipalities and private developers on sanitary main extensions, retrofit for sewer main replacements, force main design, lift station design easement acquisition, Montana Department of Environmental Quality permitting, contract administration and construction oversight.

The last interview will be with AquaTechSystems. That interview is scheduled for Aug. 9, 6 p.m. at The Barn.

Founded in 1999 Aqua Tech Systems has been providing wastewater treatment systems and related equipment across the U.S. Aqua tech is a professional organization that specializes in the decentralized approach to wastewater systems and management. Serving a wide range of private and public clients they utilize a collaborative approach with equipment manufacturers, engineers, private consultants, utility providers and contractors to develop tailored solutions for infrastructure improvement and development.

The Selection Committee is excited for the opportunity to interview all the highly qualified respondents in the coming weeks. 


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