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By Jean Pocha
Master Gardener - Pathfinder Staff 

Enhancing the garden ecosystem with spring planning

Roots and Shoots


Jean Pocha, Pathfinder

Onion tops emerge in the spring when the soil warms. Onions left over winter are a great indicator of spring soil temperature and when it is time to start working in the garden.

As the snow leaves and bare dirt is visible, gardeners are ready to dig in, literally. What we call the beginning of the growing season often starts with the garden cleaning up season. Gardeners are eager to rake up leftover plant material and mulches and see the bare dirt. Although the bare dirt does warm up faster than mulched ground, there are others to consider in our garden ecosystem.

 As the soil warms, the garden ecosystem begins to come alive. The Natural Resources Conservation Service  (NRCS) states that soil bioactivity (microbe and bug/worm life) begins when temperatures reach...

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