In Memory of Leon "Bud" Anderson  April 22, 1926 - March 26, 2022

Swan Song

For the gentle old soul on Chippewa Way...

the animals had gathered with respects to pay.

He closed his eyes and he did not wake...

for his soul ascended from Seeley Lake.

His sense of humor and his heartwarming smile...

will be sorely missed for more than awhile.

Do not despair though he is nearby...

in the light of the sun and the clouds of the sky.

While he carried his light to the heavens above...

he continues to share the light of his love.

It is there that he sits high on a knob...

in a saddle on a horse, he calls Cher Bob.

For he is now with those who traveled ahead...

they welcomed him home so it is said.

He watches over you now...just past the veil

while he and his horse break new trail.

Author - Valerie Anderson Johnson


Reader Comments(3)

Chris writes:

Truly the best grandpa. I hope that when I’m a grandpa, I’ll be half the grandpa that he was. The spitting image of a laconic cowboy. Generous to those who deserved it. Honest to those who needed it. A raconteur extraordinaire (but you had to work to earn a story from him). Thanks be to God for his last summer, where he got to meet all of his great-grandchildren.

CatherineL writes:

Where do I begin to say how kind, how decent, how gentle and strong he was? Dear Friend Bud, I will miss you always -- as will everyone whose life you touched.

Palmerosa8 writes:

He was such a kind and gentle soul. We felt privileged to know him if only for a brief time.