Laura Lee Wordsworth Wood Sept. 3, 1962 - Feb. 5, 2022

Swan Song

SEELEY LAKE - Laura Lee Wordsworth Wood, 59 of Seeley Lake, passed away Feb. 5 of heart failure. She was born on Sept. 3, 1962 in California to Eileen and Charles Wordsworth. As a young person she enjoyed every aspect of being a California girl... camping with Girl Scouts, swimming and beach days with friends. She was the trailblazing big sister and partner in crime to her little sister Tori.

After settling into her adult life, she gave birth to her three precious children son Garth, daughter Nicole and youngest son Nicholas. After the tragic death of her son Garth in 2002, Laura moved her family to Montana. She loved Montana from day one She always said she did not feel like a displaced California girl living in Montana, but instead felt like a Montana gal who had been living away and was finally home.

Laura was a strong and VERY independent woman, who was first and foremost a mama lion to her kids. She was devoted to her family most of all. When it came to her kids, she was their number one fan and biggest cheerleader throughout life. If anyone knew Laura they would attest to how much she loved all of her children.

When it came to friendships, she was a trusted and loyal friend. She maintained close friendships throughout her days, from every stage of her life. And there was always space in her heart for a new friend. She treasured and cherished her "fur babies" and always had a small menagerie of pets to love.

She loved her beautiful home and had a great passion for her elaborate garden in Seeley Lake. She enjoyed looking after both with meticulous care. She was also a very involved member of her community in Seeley Lake. She was a volunteer fire fighter and EMT for 10 years. Despite her physical pain, she selflessly gave so much of herself to her community, friends and family.

No doubt she will always be remembered as being the life of the party. She put all of her rambunctious energy into everything she did in life. Truly, anyone who has ever met Laura, will never forget her and that is a life well lived! All who knew her and loved her will miss her forever and always.

Laura Lee Wood is survived by: daughter Nicole; son Nicholas; son-in-law Travis; step-mother Patricia; trusted friend Gerry and her sister Tori. She was preceded in death by: husband Lenny; mother Eileen; father Charles and son Garth.

Summer in Montana was Laura's favorite time of year. A Celebration of Life will be held in the summer of 2022.


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