Roundabout at Clearwater Junction tops discussion

Greenough-Potomac Fire Board

POTOMAC – Members of the Montana Department of Transportation Project Team (Team) for the Clearwater Junction Intersection Project met with the Greenough-Potomac Fire District Board to provide information and answer questions regarding the proposed roundabout. In mid-November 2021, MDT announced a high-speed roundabout, a roundabout on a high-speed roadway, was the preferred alternative of the six alternatives evaluated. The team has now entered the design phase and continues to encourage public input as they work to address safety, operations and community concerns.

“We have just identified t...


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ScottRAB writes:

High speed and roundabout do not go together. One of the reasons roundabouts are so much safer is the slowing of traffic into the range of 20 mph. Large rotaries on the east coast failed because of the high speeds they permitted.

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