Swan Song Trio lights up the night in debut performance

SWAN VALLEY – With standing room only at the Hungry Bear Bar & Grill, the Swan Song Trio made their debut singing together for the first time Saturday night. While local singers Mikayla Kay, Linda Ellison and Mikkie Gleason are no strangers to the microphone, this performance took their act to the next level.

At different times all three ladies were singing at the Hungry Bear's Thursday night karaoke.

"People noticed that the ladies were really bringing it," Ellison said.

Hungry Bear Owner Rick Medeiros asked if they would come and do a night together. Since they had all heard each other sing and had a mutual respect for each other and the way they treated the music, they agreed.

Kay said Medeiros appreciated the diversity of music they sang. He asked them to sing different styles of music, offering a little bit to everyone in the audience. They each chose their own individual songs and then they met twice to practice songs they could easily sing and blend well together.

"We are the Swan Song, so I thought if I was going to sing one last concert, what would it have in it," Ellison said.

Ellison and Kay have been singing since they can remember.

Ellison has done a lot of musical theater and choral singing. She is headed back to Los Angelas, California next weekend for a concert with the "Angel City Chorale."

Kay sang in many worship bands and has also been in a few musicals. She looks forward to finishing her degree in musical theatre.

Gleason did not start singing until she was 22. She sang with her church's worship team for a while and then got away from it. She did not start singing again until they started karaoke up at the Hungry Bear.

"There is something that comes from singing that I just have to have in my life," Ellison said. "It is kind of a miracle that this [group] is happening two miles from my house."

The Trio was surprised by the turnout. While they were expecting their friends to show up, there were a lot of people that came they did not know.

"It was nice to have so many people," Gleason said.

Ellison said it was a step up from Karaoke because they were performing back to back and it moved like a show. However there was something familiar about it because they have sung all the songs before except "Dancing Queen."

Even though they are comfortable on stage for karaoke, they agreed they were terrified.

Kay said she is known "as the girl that works at the Merc." Many told Gleason that they did not know she could sing.

At the end of the show, the Trio thanked the Calibries for their support and bringing their karaoke equipment. Gleason said they have been so supportive and loving.

"Besides [Ellison's] husband, I think they might be our biggest fan," Gleason said.

While the group is not sure when they will perform again, Kay encouraged everyone to come out for Karaoke at the Hungry Bear on Thursday nights.

"Anyone who wants to come and sing just do it," Kay said. "It is so much fun."


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