Suspect a blue-green algae bloom?

Fall is the time of year blue-green algae blooms are commonly identified due to temperature patterns and end-of-summer nutrient processes. A potentially toxic algae bloom on Seeley Lake was reported to MT DEQ on Oct. 18. Unfortunately, due to reporting delays, water samples were not tested until the following Monday. Though the test results were negative for toxins, we cannot rule out the possibility that toxins may have been present at the time the suspected bloom was originally reported.

Reporting a suspected bloom to Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MT DEQ) is necessary and standard, as they record the report in their database and provide resources to necessary entities. However, it is also important to contact CRC immediately when you suspect a HAB. CRC is the entity on-the-ground that collects and tests suspect samples. DEQ has no field staff in the Clearwater to conduct such testing. Therefore, to eliminate delays that may impact test accuracy, call CRC as soon as you suspect a HAB.

If you suspect harmful algal bloom (HAB), call the Clearwater Resource Council at 406-677-0069. Visit the CRC at or Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services at for further information.


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