20/35 Year Look Back

In celebration of 35 years of the Seeley Swan Pathfinder, each week we will run parts of articles that appeared in the issue 35 years ago and 20 years ago. The entire issue will be uploaded to our website seeleylake.com for you to enjoy. We hope you will enjoy the journey with us as we follow our community through the past 35 years as documented by the Pathfinder.

20 years ago: Sept. 20, 2001 issue

Chips..bits & pieces

by Gary Noland, Editor

Best estimates are that 5,000 Americans, civilian men and women at work early Tuesday morning, Sept. 11 have yet to be pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center...and more at the Pentagon. The hope for survivors grows dimmer with each passing day and the insurmountable task of moving the debris will take weeks.

The magnitude of a peacetime tragedy like this has not been known before. Each passing day is worse than the day before because the nightmare we hoped we might awaken from becomes a deepening reality with which we must live. Without warning, we who live have been changed by the suicidal and maniacal feats of a handful of misguided souls.

And those who died that morning, without warning, have, by losing their lives to an unseen foe, altered the course of history more surely than the perpetrators of the crime.

Those souls still awaiting release from the rubble will demand meaning in death. We the living will demand retribution for those responsible but that will not be enough for those who died. They will haunt us until we give their deaths the dignity they deserve with a new dignity for life.

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