By Henry Netherland

Restaurant receives new bear resistant fence


September 9, 2021

Henry Netherland, Pathfinder

A Missoula Resource Advisory Committee grant helped fund a new fence intended to prevent bears from entering the dumpster near The Filling Station.

SEELEY LAKE - A new bear-resistant structure was recently erected near The Filling Station in order to prevent bears from scavenging through their dumpster.

The materials were funded as part of a $15,000 grant from the Missoula Resource Advisory Committee. Other portions of the funding went towards an electric fence at The Ice Cream Place. It was completed earlier in the summer.

Blackfoot Challenge Volunteer Vance Russell was contracted to do the labor. He began Tuesday, Aug. 24. First, he installed a concrete pad which is six inches off the ground. The intent is to prevent bears from digging underneath the fence. It is also wheelchair accessible. 

The fence is not electrified but there is a tension wire at the bottom that further prevents the bottom half of the chain link fence from giving way to pressure. Russell will also add a metal roof, held up by tubing, to prevent snow from falling in and blocking the dumpsters.

Russell expects to have the project wrapped up in the near future.

The Filling Station Owner Kris Martin said she appreciates the work the various organizations have done to put the structure together.

"Thanks to everyone, especially Vance, who worked so hard!" she said. "I am hoping this structure will help, maybe even end, our struggle to deter wild animals from our garbage."


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