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By Henry Netherland

Veterans Memorial Gardens ready for Memorial Day


Henry Netherland, Pathfinder

The Memorial Garden's new kiosk features metal-engraved plaques. Veterans & Families of Seeley Lake President Barbara Knopp said all of the plaques are hung in preparation for Memorial Day.

SEELEY LAKE - Volunteers with the Veterans and Families of Seeley Lake (VFSL) did some maintenance work to the Memorial Garden Tuesday, May 18 in preparation for Memorial Day. Aside from cleaning the grounds and removing weeds, the biggest change the site saw was at the kiosk. The wooden plaques were replaced with metal-engraved ones.

The new kiosk features metal-engraved plaques that will be protected from the elements under a roof. The previous version had wooden plaques hung on a chain. According to VFSL President Barbara Knopp, Darryl Wolery took on much of the kiosk work which began la...

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