Election results for local races

SEELEY LAKE - The final, unofficial results were reported May 4 for the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Board of Trustees, Potomac School District 11 Board of Trustees and the Seeley Lake Elementary General Fund Levy elections. There was nearly a 54% turnout for Seeley Lake while only 36% of voters returned their mail-in ballots in Potomac.

For the Fire District’s two open positions, incumbents Gary Lewis and Connie Clark received the most votes. Lewis received 512 votes, 31.5%, and Clark received 409 votes, 25.15%.

Candidate Kristy Pohlman received 393 votes pulling 24.17% followed by Alyssa McLean who received 311 votes, 19%. Even though there was only a 16-vote spread between Pohlman and Clark, it was not close enough to require a recount.

According to Montana Code Annotated 13-16-201 through 13-16-211, a mandated recount would require “a margin not exceeding a quarter of 1% of the total votes cast or by a margin not exceeding 10 votes, whichever is greater.” A requested (bonded) recount would require “a margin exceeding quarter of 1% but not exceeding half of 1% of the total votes cast.”

For the Potomac School Board 3-year position, Kyle Kelley received nearly 73% of the votes, 215 to Melissa Kirkham’s 77 votes. Another sweeping win for the one-year term was Jayme Fairfield with more than 71% of the votes, 210 to Tom Petersen’s 85.

The Seeley Lake Elementary School District 34 General Fund Levy passed by nearly 52% with a vote of 452 to 418.

No election results are official until canvass. County canvass is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12 starting at 2 p.m. It is open to the public and will be located at the Elections Office at 140 N Russell, Missoula.


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