By Marilyn Mitzi Stonehocker
Condon, Montana 

Adventures of mouse hunting

Montana Memories


April 29, 2021

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Marilyn Mitzi Stonehocker Condon, Montana

Hunting is hunting, fishing is fishing, right? Should not make a difference what it is, my opinion. I've got a pee-down-your-leg, belly laugh story. True, happened last night....

I am a woman who has hunted and fished all her life. I enjoy all types of adventures and especially enjoy hunting. I have hunted many species. Last night. Mouse. 

I live in a top floor condo. Somehow mice are finding their way in. Me and my Jack Russell girl named Winnie have successfully bagged several.

A couple days ago Winnie let me know we had another visitor. I have found the sticky traps work better than th...

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