Local Election Guide - Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Board of Trustees

Voter Information: There are four candidates for the two, three-year terms on the Seeley Lake Fire Board. Candidates' responses were based on the following questions:

• Biography

• Qualifying experience

• Why do you want to be a trustee?

• What would you like to see changed or what issues would you address if elected?

• What challenges to you see facing the board and the fire department in the near future?

Ballots for the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Trustee election were mailed April 14 to all registered voters in Seeley Lake Rural Fire District. The Missoula County Elections Office encourages voters to mail their ballot with plenty of time to meet the May 4 deadline, postmarks not accepted. There will be a ballot drop off at Seeley Lake Elementary on May 4 from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.

There will also be a Meet and Greet with the candidates Friday, April 12 from 6-7 p.m. in the parking lot at Napa. This is hosted by the Thompson family to encourage the community to learn more about the candidates, ask questions and be educated voters. Tacos in a bag will be provide, but bring your own drink.

For more information visit the Missoula County Elections Office (https://www.missoulacounty.us/government/administration/elections-office) or call 406-258-4751.

Connie Clark - Incumbent

Hello, I am Connie Clark, resident of Seeley Lake for the past 30 years. We have owned and operated our restaurant Pop's Place the entire time. We raised our four children here.

In 1994 I joined Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Department as an EMT. I served in that capacity for over 20 years. In 2016 I became a part of the Fire District Board of Trustees. It is a position of great public trust that I am honored to serve in and hope to continue to do so.

Experiences that I have had include the years I served as a volunteer. I realize the time and energy commitment that is required to serve, including many hours of training and continuing education to keep and maintain a license. As a business owner, I recognize the importance of responsible financial management. It is part of our job on the Fire Board to make sure your tax monies are being spent prudently and responsibly.

The safety of our volunteers is always a primary consideration. We strive to provide our volunteers state of the art equipment and top-notch training so these dedicated people can provide you, our community, the best possible service.

Working with our chief, we have implemented a solid foundation of Standard Operating Guidelines & Procedures, supported grant funding for vehicle exhaust removal system, power-load gurney system for our ambulance, new life-pack 15 monitor for ALS care and new turnout gear for our volunteers. Our district funded projects include bay floor restoration, purchase of helmets and boots, and hiring a new maintenance person.

Challenges I see moving forward is the shortage of volunteers. We are experiencing this across our nation. Our chief has a great training plan to accommodate anyone wishing to join our group of volunteers.

I have no personal agenda. I simply wish to continue to serve my community and the District. If elected I will continue to use my experience in the field of emergency service as well as the years served on the Fire Board to continue to address the issues that are important to each of you.

Gary Lewis - Incumbent

I have been a resident of Seeley Lake since about age 8, and have served 25 years on the Fire District Board. I have been married to my wife Cheryl for 41 years, and we have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren. My hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting and woodworking. I enjoy serving my community and have been a member of the Seeley Lake Lions Club for many years.

I served on the Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Team for 22 years, including about 3 years on the Seeley Lake Ambulance crew. As a heavy equipment operator, I have voluntarily used my equipment to assist the fire department with controlling the potential fallout from structure fires three times.

I want to continue to serve my community and I care about the safety and preparedness of our Fire Chief and volunteer responders. I also want to insure that our taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

I believe our Fire Chief has done an admirable job in organizing the department, training the volunteers and updating equipment. I want to see that he and the volunteers are well equipped to effectively respond to emergencies while being kept as safe as possible.

There seems to be a lot of false and negative information circulated about the fire department within the community. I would like to see more positive support of the department and the volunteers who give of their time and talents without any expectation of recognition.

Alyssa McLean

My name is Alyssa McLean. I am a wife and a mother of one awesome little boy. I have professional experience in accounting and management and life experience growing up in the EMS/Fire family as the daughter of a career firefighter. I have been a resident in Seeley Lake for four years.

I value Accountability, Transparency, Community Safety, Community Advocacy and Community Voice.

I'd love to answer your questions at mcleanpohlmanfire@gmail.com.

Kristy Pohlman

My name is Kristy Pohlman. I am a wife, mother of amazing identical triplet daughters, a third-grade teacher and have been in the EMT/Firefighter world for 14 years. I have been actively involved in various volunteer groups and have held seats on boards. I have been a resident of Seeley Lake for my entire life.

I value Accountability, Transparency, Community Safety, Community Advocacy and Community Voice.

I'd love to answer your questions at mcleanpohlmanfire@gmail.com. 


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