Black Ram Project will wipe out old growth forests and bring death to Yaak grizzlies

The Kootenai National Forest advocated the 95,412-acre Black Ram Project will curtail fire risk in the wildland-urban interface and restore historic forest conditions by logging the most fire-resistant and resilient old growth forests, 12 miles from the nearest home, along the headwaters of the Yaak River. Forester Herb Hammond explained that some of the spruce-subalpine fir old growth in the project area is 600-800 years old and has no indications of previous harvest or wildfire creating a "unique habitat" that can "hold up to 80% more carbon than other forests," concluding they are "the prec...


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MTPulp writes:

Is it irony that conservatives care nothing about conservation? This is your California governor, Montana. The stupidity of treating nature like this is robbing OUR future generations of the things we care about. We are in the second coming of the robber barons and Montana is being plundered. Go home Greg, you illegally-trapping carpet-bagging failure of a Montanan.

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