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By Shane Kesterke
Elder, Mission Bible Fellowship 

Merry Pan-Christmas


December 31, 2020

I think I have both heard and used the word pandemic more in the last 10 months than in the previous almost 50 years of my life combined. Along with the word pandemic, many other previously rarely used words have become commonplace, such as r-naught, COVID, asymptomatic, social distancing and on and on. It’s been an unusual year. Along with these newly used words, I thought I would introduce another one: pan-Christmas.

The prefix “pan” simply means “all.” So pan-Christmas would mean all-Christmas - all, as in, for everyone and everywhere.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to offer forgiveness of sins for everyone and restored fellowship to God for everyone. He came for all mankind and I find it rather interesting that virtually all of mankind now celebrates Christmas.

A few years ago we were in the United Arab Emirates in November, and were surprised to see that Christmas is celebrated in the UAE, a country that is 96% Muslim. Of course, they are not really celebrating Jesus Christ coming to earth but rather the commercialized version of Christmas. However, it is still a celebration based on the birth of Jesus.

Christmas truly is for all. It is time of hope for all because of what Jesus did for all. It is a time of renewal for all, looking ahead to a New Year and giving thanks for the past year, regardless of how difficult it may have been.

So, Merry Pan-Christmas. May you have a blessed and happy New Year!


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