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November 26, 2020

For any area senior unable to afford the lunches, assistance may be available. Frozen meals are also available for those interested. Please call Linda Howard with Missoula Aging Services at 406-541-7688 for information.

Seeley Lake Senior Lunch Menu

The Seeley Lake Senior Center (Sela Senci) is offering take-out meals only per Missoula City-County Health Department directive. Please call 406-677-2008 the night before and leave a message with the number of meals and time it will be picked up between 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. Meals on Wheels and frozen meals are still available. Please inquire at Sela-Senci

Tuesday, Nov. 24: Pork Pot Pie

Wednesday, Nov. 25: Turkey

Thursday, Nov. 26:Happy Thanksgiving! CLOSED

Friday, Nov. 27: CLOSED

Monday, Nov. 30: Tacos

Tuesday, Dec. 1: Liver and Onions

Wednesday, Dec. 2: BBQ Pork

Thursday, Dec. 3:Chicken Casserole

Friday, Dec. 4: Ham Wraps

Seeley Lake Elementary Breakfast / Lunch Menus Cold cereal available for breakfast daily. Menu Subject to Change. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: French Toast / Pizza Stick

Wednesday, Nov. 25: NO SCHOOL!!

Thursday, Nov. 26: Happy Thanksgiving - NO SCHOOL!!

Friday, Nov. 27: NO SCHOOL!!

Monday, Nov. 30: Breakfast Variety / Breakfast for Lunch

Tuesday, Dec. 1: Mini Bagel with cream cheese / Bean and Cheese Burrito

Wednesday, Dec. 2: Breakfast Tornado / Mac & Cheese

Thursday, Dec. 3: Breakfast Burrito / Sub Sandwich & Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday, Dec. 4: Breakfast Variety / Chicken Nuggets


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