Leonard Moore inducted into 2020 Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

SWAN VALLEY - The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame (MCHF) and Western Heritage Center (WHC) inducted Leonard Moore of Condon into their 13th class of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.

According to a press release, inductees are chosen from a field of candidates nominated by the general public. They are honored for their notable contributions to the history and culture of Montana. Every year one living candidate and one legacy candidate are chosen from each of the 12 districts.

"The Hall of Fame exists to honor those who have made an impact in their part of the state and represent Montana's authentic...


Reader Comments(3)

6657 writes:

What an honor to our dad Leonard Moore!! Thank you to all for the awesome contribute for him. He is deeply missed, and wish he would have made it long enough to see this. Way To Go Dad!!

none writes:

Wonderful things posted about my dad, Leonard Moore. Thank you to all who contributed to this!!! He is missed and always will be by so many. Quite a legend I must say!!

sharonlamar writes:

Wonderful tribute to our favorite cowboy!

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