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Fall burning opened Oct. 12


October 15, 2020

MISSOULA - In response to a predicted cooling trend and chance of precipitation, Missoula County opened fall burning effective Oct. 12. At that time, the only burning that will be permitted is prescribed wildland and essential agriculture burning. All outdoor burning in Missoula County is by permit only, and the General Burning Season (burning of yard debris/untreated vegetative waste generated onsite) is closed until March 1, 2021. 

Within Missoula City limits, parcels must be at least one acre or more in size to be eligible for an outdoor burn permit and recreational fires are banned year-round, with exceptions for barbecues. Visit or for more information on outdoor burning seasons, permits and current restrictions.

 Missoula County fire protection agencies recognize that when the days are cooler and rain is in the forecast, residents may be tempted to burn that pile of yard debris that has been growing over the summer. Fire professionals caution, however, that conditions are still dry, and we are still in Moderate fire danger.  Fires will still start from most accidental causes and although intensity may be more moderate, it can still burn very hot!  Do not get complacent, Missoula County residents, we are not out of fire season yet and it is illegal to burn your backyard pile of leaves and vegetative debris.

As a reminder, inside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone, including Missoula, East Missoula, Rattlesnake and Grant Creek, it is illegal to burn piles of leaves and grass year-round. Visit for more information.

 Instead of burning your pile of leaves, get out into the colorful hills and enjoy our public lands.  And remember, let’s all do our part to prevent the next wildfire start!  Drown out that campfire, don’t park in tall grass, use spark arrestors and keep trailer chains from dragging. Let’s keep Smokey happy this fall!


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