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By Betty Kuffel
Whitefish, Montana 

The leadership needed for Montana's Public Service Commission


September 3, 2020

For Montana’s Public Service Commission, the past year has been one of harmful infighting, disruption and absenteeism among its five commissioners. The dysfunction has been damaging to us all because major PSC responsibilities were consequently neglected instead of fulfilled.

Commissioners are responsible for regulating monopoly utilities and for overseeing their new projects—in such vital areas as electric power, telecommunications, water, sewer and natural-gas pipelines. Now the Commission needs strong leadership that has been severely lacking.

Monica Tranel’s decision to run for the PSC seat in District 4 stems from her strong desire to advocate for ratepayers and energy security. Her accomplishments as an Olympic athlete and winner of a separate World Championship exemplify her resilience and determination to excel, no matter what task she chooses.

Working as an attorney for the Montana Consumer Counsel and representing plaintiffs in lawsuits against monopolies like NorthWestern Energy, Monica gained broad knowledge and experience. These experiences prepared her for developing sound solutions as commissioner.

Monica has proved she is highly capable of conducting a thorough analysis of complex issues and making effective determinations in defense of Montana’s natural resources.

Please vote for Monica Tranel.


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