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By David Whitesitt
Covallis, Montana 

Restart with one plan to cover area


August 6, 2020

Reading about the proposed sewer makes me want to tell the residents of the Sewer District the truth. Even thought I no longer have any financial interest in the district, I have friends being affected.

The proposed sewer will not have any affect on our water quality in the lake or river. Potential for water pollution is from state lots and other properties close to the river and lake where there is a high water table. These lands are not in the Sewer District.

County officials pushing the sewer plan want to add the problem lands to the Sewer District over time after the sewer is in operation. The problem is that the sewer is not affordable and after the original sewer is in place additional loading will require enlargement or replacement of the original facilities.

The residents of the present Sewer District will then have to pay their share of the enlargement or replacement of original facilities adding greatly to their already unaffordable bills.

It is time to halt and start over with one plan to cover the area of need.


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