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By Kim Grover - PT and MPT
Physical Therapist and Owner Rejuvenate LLC 

You can't swing to warm up, you have to warm up to swing

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Kim Grover, PT, MPT, Physical Therapist and Owner

Is your warmup hitting a bucket of balls and taking some practice swings? The golf swing is a complex, full body motion that puts a lot of force through your body. Swinging a club without properly warming up increases your risk for injury. Try dynamic activities (one minute each) that increase heart rate to 60% of your maximum right before you golf:

• Neck Rotation: Turn head side to side, hold for two seconds.

• Torso Rotation: Feet shoulder-width, knees slightly bent. Hold club in front of shoulders with crossed arms, hips steady, rotate shoulders side to side.

• Side Bends: Feet s...

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