Grizzly Claw bear refurbished

SEELEY LAKE - The bear in front of the Grizzly Claw Trading Post on Highway 83 has been refurbished in an effort to signify a 'rebirth' to local businesses. Seeley Lake resident and woodworker Tom Flannery spent eight days last month sanding and refinishing the iconic bear.

"When things look run down people feel run down," said Flannery. "We need to take a little pride in our town."

Flannery encourages everyone to utilize the resources they have and do one thing to visually brighten up town – whether it is a fresh coat of paint, cleaning up, landscaping or planting flowers, it will all help to...


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AnotherTom writes:

While not a resident, I followed the restoration as Tom posted it and it looks great. You are lucky to have Tom in your town. Public service seems to be in his blood.