Protecting your freedom of speech

Editor’s Note

We have had a lot of questions and criticism lately regarding our Letters to the Editor section. Readers have questioned why we are willing to “print lies,” “spread hate and discontent” and “further divide the community by printing such garbage.”

The answer to this is simple for us - Letters to the editor are a vehicle to exercise freedom of speech. It is a platform we offer to EVERYONE whether we agree with it or not.

First and foremost, letters to the editor are run in the opinion section of the paper because they are just that, someone’s thoughts. The only requirements for them are they are...


Reader Comments(1)

moondance writes:

Kudos to Nathan and Andi Bourne for journalistic integrity. Great job on the opinion section with letters from all sorts. Right or wrong, well referenced or not, coherent or head scratchers, they all get to write, as it should be.

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