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By Juanita Vero
Greenough, Mont. 

Join me in voting for Kimberly Dudik


I am writing to ask you to join me and support Kimberly Dudik to be Montana’s next Attorney General. Kimberly has the type of wide ranging experience, being an attorney for nearly 18 years practicing both civil and criminal law, that Montana needs in its Attorney General.  Not only is she an attorney, Kimberly has led key reforms to protect children from sexual abuse, stop human trafficking and reform our criminal justice system so more people receive the treatment they need for chemical dependency and mental health issues that all too often lead them to repeated involvement in the criminal justice system. Kimberly knows this because of her front line experience as a prosecutor enforcing our laws as well as her experience as a nurse.

Kimberly also successfully fought for a clean and healthy environment and to hold polluters accountable.  She stopped out-of-state corporations and polluters from evading their tax responsibility at the expense of local communities by helping her hometown of Frenchtown and the county collect nearly $1 million in delinquent taxes from the Smurfit-Stone Container mill site on polluted land they owned and refused to clean up or pay taxes on, hurting the local school district and fire department.

Kimberly is the qualified and proven leader that Montana needs. She has experience, vision and knows how to get things done.

Please join me and vote for Kimberly Dudik in the June primary. 


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