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By Cliff Larsen
Missoula, Mont. 

Choose experience and vote Kimberly Dudik


The challenges that COVID-19 presents are both unprecedented and telling -- they highlight the cracks in our system that leave out the most vulnerable, especially our seniors and veterans.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, retired businessman, eight-year state senator representing rural and urban areas in Montana, and Montana rancher, I know these challenges first hand. From insecure housing and underemployment to lack of comprehensive health care, food insecurity, and impossibly expensive pharmaceuticals, many of our state’s seniors and veterans are struggling every single day.

COVID-19 only worsens the dire situation that many of our seniors and veterans face every day. With some of our seniors and veterans in Montana still without broadband internet access, they are being left out of the online conversation around coronavirus entirely and often targeted by scammers who claim to have a cure for coronavirus. Now more than ever, we cannot forget the people who don’t have the loudest voices.

During my service in our state legislature, I made working for seniors and veterans my priority. Change doesn’t happen alone, and I always found a champion for seniors and veterans in Kimberly Dudik, eight-year Montana state representative and current candidate for Montana Attorney General. As a former neonatal intensive care nurse, daughter of a union and veteran household, and mother of four, Kimberly Dudik understands the challenges that our seniors and veterans face on a daily basis and will continue to work tirelessly to address them.

With COVID-19 scams on the rise, continued attacks on our health care system, and worsening housing and financial insecurity, we need a Montana Attorney General with a proven record of real results for Montanans. Kimberly Dudik has almost two decades of experience on the frontlines of our criminal justice system, advocating for our most vulnerable communities as a private attorney and assistant Attorney General - and it shows in the change she spearheaded in the legislature. Working with our current Montana Attorney General, Kimberly Dudik put aside party politics to make sure that scammers and fraudsters targeting our seniors and veterans were held accountable. She also worked across the aisle to protect and expand access to healthcare for seniors and veterans, leading the charge on Medicaid expansion, not once, but twice.

When I passed Senate Bill 326, which started the Montana Veterans’ Home Loan Mortgage Program, Kimberly Dudik was instrumental in pushing this legislation through and supporting our veterans. As our next Montana Attorney General, Kimberly Dudik will continue to hold big banks accountable and protect our seniors and veterans from foreclosure and homelessness. Her experience and leadership on this issue will be critical in our response to the aftermath of COVID-19.

It is critical that we choose experience at the ballot box this election cycle. We need to elect a Montana Attorney General with a proven record of fighting and winning for seniors and veterans. Join me and vote for a qualified and experienced advocate for seniors and veterans this June.


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