Creation Conference comes to Seeley Lake, Nov. 10

SEELEY LAKE – Everyone is invited to the Seeley Swan Valley Creation Conference “Genesis Sunday,” Nov. 10 at Mission Bible Fellowship Church. This is a family opportunity to learn about the evidence and science that supports the truth of the Bible.

Speakers at the conference include Dr. Kevin Horton, Institute for Biblical Authority, and Michael Oard, creation researcher and author of books including “Ice Age,” “Evidence of Noah’s Flood,” “Wholly Mammoths” and “Lake Missoula Flood.” They will share the latest information for Christ followers and others curious about how science and evidence su...


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Herman writes:

Why do these protestant churches keep inviting young Earth creationist false teachers to speak, and ignore the one that has the truth of Genesis? It is a mistake to call the first chapter of Genesis an account of Creation. It is not. It is an account given to Moses concerning the seven periods of time that were revealed to Moses. Five of the periods are from the ancient past. One is of our own period, and one is of a future period, when Yeshua will rule all the universe from the New Jerusalem. Above all else, get understanding of the scriptures. Until congregations force their hypocrite pastors to supply and teach the truth of the Bible, you'll never convince non-believers of the reality and literal understanding of Creation Week, and the following weeks of restoration. Herman Cummings

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