Vote B.S.

Hell yes I am going to vote for Bernie Sanders!! He is going to give me free medical, free dental, free housing. B.S. is going to buy me a new car – free, free, free! Meals on Wheels will pull up to my door free times a day – but wait, if you order right now you can get a second dose of B.S. free!

And last, but not least, a free education! But wait – B.S. is going to do all my thinking for me so I won’t need an education.

The Democrats have spent the last three and one-half years doing nothing, and I mean nothing, but bad mouthing our great President. Now that they have proven that we don’t ne...


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Joshua writes:

Ok Boomer, where to do I start? 1. Trump has been in office for 2.5 years, not 3.5.... 2. Democrats have only held the House of Representatives for less than 12 months, Republicans have held a Supermajority on all three branches of Government for 2.5 years, including today. 3. Democrats have passed over 500 sweeping bills in less than 12 months, it has been the self proclaimed Grim Reaper AKA Mitch Turtle McConnell whom has killed or blocked 96% of bills from being voted on. 4. Bernie Sanders is quite literally one of four US Senator's whom doesn't take money from big business, and has stood by the working class his entire life. I stand by Bernard Sanders and nothing will sway me in the primaries, nor the general election. I hope you do your research. Future tip when researching politician's such as Bernie Sanders and Trumpty Dumpty: Read their POLICIES and their ACTIONS, not what they SAY, but what they DO.

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