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By Don Larson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Sewer Rules & Regulations - A must read


September 26, 2019

SEELEY LAKE - The Sewer Board has published proposed rules for governing its sewer operation. They are a must-read and are available online, at the County annex and the Seeley Lake Public Library at Seeley-Swan High School. They are disturbing. They violate your civil rights and they absolve the District Board of any liability.

As they are proposed, a sewer district employee can enter your home and examine “the manner in which the water is used” to ensure compliance with their rules. 

The installation is at your expense except for a narrow window during the initial construction. You are penalized for delaying. 

You are mandated to hook up...the Board is proposing to “mandate” your support for the project. You have NO SAY on incurring indebtedness.

The Board assumes NO liability for any damage from “termination, discontinuance or interruption…of service. It assumes NO liability, further, for any damage caused by the millions of gallon of supposedly-treated effluent injected into the airport aquifer. So if it pollutes the dozens of water wells up there, too bad. The burden of proof will be on the well owners, When the state gets involved, if there are groundwater pollution problems, it will shut down the system and force very expensive upgrades on the users in the district.

Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you have the right to know all the facts pertaining to this project before you approve it. AND you have the right to hold the Board to proof of their allegations and numbers. But you must ASK THE QUESTIONS AND DEMAND THE ANSWERS.

Residents MUST appear at the Board meetings, ask the hard questions and boycott the project until you have those answers. Just because the Board mandates you hook up does not mean you actually have to allow a backhoe on your property and start paying, folks. If the majority of the residents opposed to this proposal refuse to hook up, just what is the Board going to do?

The next meeting to discuss these rules will be Oct. 17 at the Missoula County Satellite Office north of town at 5:15 p.m. Make plans to attend.


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