"Do something" message for dealing with an active shooter

SEELEY LAKE – On Aug. 26 the otherwise quiet halls of Seeley Lake Elementary school were filled with the sound of an air horn. More than 30 teachers and staff from Seeley Lake Elementary and Swan Valley Schools hid themselves in the two junior high classrooms in preparation for an active shooter drill where there were told they could do nothing but hide.

Swan Valley School teacher Chris Maudlin had 60 seconds to hit as many people as he could with ping pong balls. He methodically moved through the two rooms and hit more than 95 percent of the participants.

This was the first drill in a series...


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DefconKeith writes:

Finally! Someone presents the voice of reason in active threat response. Hiding has been bad practice since Columbine, but this is the first time I've actually seen someone verbalize that truth in actual training. Good job!

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