Act now against Bullock's US Climate Alliance Executive Order

What is the US Climate Alliance? It is a domestic group formed specifically to undermine President Trump’s excellent decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, by executive order, part-time Governor Steve Bullock has undermined all of Montana by aligning Montana with the US Climate Alliance.

This is so wrong. To begin, Montana is the Treasure State, not the “Fly Fishing State”. Sure, Montana is a great state for recreation, but to quote Senator Al Olszewski, “Montana’s wealth comes from the ground.” Our natural resources and our ag products are all within the sphere of the carbo...


Reader Comments(2)

TJSmith writes:

I stand firm by my remarks as an intelligent reasoning citizen. As proof I will not hide behind some ambiguous name. I further believe we citizens of Montana should demand an economic impact statement the Governor's executive order has cast upon us. There is no statute in our constitution, or codified in law, that grants one person the power to do this to our state. Watch for economic fallout information to follow.

avoiceofreason writes:

Are you going to like it when climate change continues to destroy your communities and eradicates your current and future family's way of life? Climate change policies like within the US Climate Alliance will make your life and the health of your communities safer and stronger. Smarten up please for the sake of us all us alive today. Do you want and like clean air, water, and land so future generations in your community can continue to live the lives or better lives that you live? Then support climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. This is good for industry and US residents. It's that simple. Science is real, climate change is real, be a good citizen, step up and do good things for your community. With this type of post, you are hurting yourself and your neighbors. Change can be hard although if you make smart choices that support environmental policies, your elected reps can make a positive and good change.

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