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By Dale Terrillion
Chrisitan Logger 

Climate change is a coming


Yup the climate has changed all right. Think of what it was like back when Eastern Montana was a swamp. The proof is in the dinosaur bones found there. All that goes back to the great flood of Noah’s day. Course we can deny that too. Twerent no cars or planes back then….hmmm.

We now have a 29-year-old expert telling us we have 12 years to save the planet. We’re doomed.

Personally, I think it’s laughable. If we did away with trucks, store shelves would look like a third world country in no time. Or like Venezuela eating our pets.

All these started more or less with Captain O Zone (aka) Al Gore. Meanwhile he flies around in a fuel burning jet and lives in a house that’s best described as excessive squander while accusing us common folks of destroying the planet.

To make matters worse, they’re brainwashing kids in these government colleges and some grade schools.

Then there’s that Muskie fella who wants to live on Mars. Maybe he should spend some of his riches studying how Sweden uses its garbage to generate electricity. Then we could plug in our cars.

We should all do our best to take care of plant earth. Mining, golf courses, logging, shopping malls, growth that’s done just for greed. Hey, let’s have a show of hands who’d like to return to ox teams. Oh, I almost forgot there’s that there flatulent stuff, terrible - terrible, can’t have that. Do away with horses too. Let me tell you, I drove teams back when I a lad and ol’ Shep was a pup. Sometimes I had to make a quick maneuver to the back of the wagon. Yup, we’re doomed.

Look’n out at night at the moon and think’n how it and other factors controls the tides and known’ there’s galaxies beyond and there’s a God in control of everything. He who made the climate will have the final say. You can read how the sun stood still and the moon stopped in Joshua 10-13. Of course, we can say it doesn’t really mean that.

Some believers say its all end times weather and it could well be. So I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Someday this old earth will burn up. Don’t ya see, that’s what it sez in 2 Peter 3-10.

Like I say, we should do our best to care for what God has created, He did put us in charge. But in the long run God the Creator is in control (Genesis 8-22).


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