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Dennis Dean Kinsman 1947 - 2019

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Dennis Dean Kinsman 1947 - 2019

SEELEY LAKE - IN LOVING MEMORY...This Memorial may be late in coming – but that is because it has been very difficult for me to believe this has really happened...on Saturday morning, May 25th, I suddenly lost my husband of 38 years.

Dennis and I met on the beach in California and found out we grew up seven miles from each other back in Michigan! It was truly love at first sight – we're still on our first date, as I never went home!!

Dennis was born Feb. 7, 1947 in Farmington, Mich., a suburb outside of Detroit. His father Dean and mother Marie have since passed but his two sisters Elsie and Carole, who he absolutely loved and adored, are still alive and kicking! He had one son Dennis who passed away from complications of Melanoma in 2011.

Dennis LOVED and admired his Dad who is the reason Dennis was such a motorhead! Dennis experienced racing down Woodward Avenue (the main drag out of Detroit) during the muscle-car era. How cool is that!

He drove a Volkswagen van from Michigan to California – not to be part of the hippie scene- but to be free. He drove up and down the California coast once stopping at a bonfire on the beach and there was James Taylor and Carly Simon singing and strumming their guitars!

Dennis eventually found his way to Ventura, Calif. where he worked as a weld inspector and meeting a great group of people including his dear friend Kelley. Dennis realized he could start his own company selling the equipment used in the non-destructive testing field. He represented different companies selling ultrasonic and fiber optic equipment. His clients included Rocketdyne, Northrup, General Dynamics, Alcoa, Alcon Optics and many more. He even got to work on the Space Shuttle! Dennis was well respected all over California and he was very proud of his company, Quality Testing Consultants.

We moved to Montana in 2004. A few years later, Dennis's health took a downturn. After a few rough years, things mellowed out. I can honestly say Dennis was happy and content his last two years thanks to Dr. Todd Fife and everyone at the Seeley-Swan Medical Center.

Dennis loved Austin Healeys, Dean Martin, Gunsmoke, Irish Setters, his sisters, his dad, Cornish pasties and ME! He believed in God and Jesus Christ and that he would go to Heaven and see his Daddy again!

I love you Dennis! I've always loved you! Thanks for all the good memories! May you rest in Peace!

Your loving wife, Marty


Reader Comments(2)

BoeDean writes:

Did He pass of melinoma? Also,, i am Dennis Dean Kinsman II only son

sue writes:

Marty, what a beautiful tribute. I almost valled you the other day. Just received an e-mail from sister Judy so am only now finding out of Dennis's passing. I hope you are feeling a bit better. I know it will be a long process dealinv with the loss. My heart is with you fear cousin. Will call you soon. Love you, Sue


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