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By Andi Bourne

Counterfeit bill found circulating in Seeley Lake


Cory's Valley Market

The $50 counterfeit bill. It says "Motion Picture Use Only" on both the front and back.

This counterfeit $50 bill was received by a Seeley Lake resident this past week. While at first glance it looks legitimate, closer inspection reveals several discrepancies with the main one being "Motion Picture Use Only" on the front and back. This isn't the first time this "funny money" has shown up at businesses in Montana - there were reports from Butte and Kalispell of $20 bills circulating. The incident was reported to law enforcement. This is the only one reported as of Monday. Businesses are encouraged to use counterfeit pens and everyone is reminded to inspect bills they receive before accepting them. Photo provided by Cory's Valley Market


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