Powell County Planning Board initiates zoning discussion for northern Powell County

OVANDO –Powell County Planning Board hosted two separate open houses in Ovando and Helmville April 1 and April 4 to discuss the zoning requirement for Powell County Zoning District 3. According to Powell County Planner Carl Hamming, the Open Houses were an effort to gather what people liked, disliked and what they saw as a future vision for zoning for Ovando, Helmville and the northern Powell County region.

Hamming said within Montana state code, counties are required to have a growth policy. While the growth policy itself doesn’t have any regulations, it allows the county to enable zoning.



Reader Comments(2)

MontanaMaven writes:

I agree with Montanaroots' comment. This survey, like most surveys, is not an adequate measure of opinion. It is weighted in favor of development. The responses available could easily imply a favorable consensus of relaxing the existing rule. I will be sending a letter to counter this survey. This is not a game show of Family Feud (...survey says...) but serious consideration to be made by comprehensive comment.

Montanaroots writes:

The survey is weighted toward bringing more housing, and thus more people, onto land where scarce water and high fire danger are already endemic. Whatever its results, no policy maker whose mind is not already made up would take such a one-sided instrument seriously.