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By Bridget Holland
Helena, Mont. 

Daines supports improving rural broadband


March 21, 2019


Without access to broadband internet, students are unable to keep up in the classroom, patients are denied the promise of telemedicine tools and rural businesses are locked out of the global economy.

Thankfully, Senator Daines stood up for rural America when he wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the issue this week. In the letter, Senator Daines asked the FCC to remove the regulatory barriers holding TV white spaces back – a technology that wirelessly delivers broadband connectivity to underserved communities by using vacant spectrum between broadcast television stations.

When so many in Washington are focused on issues that don’t concern us in rural America, I am thankful to know my representative is fighting for our interests. I can only hope that the FCC considers the common-sense proposals made in his letter.


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