By Colleen Kesterson

Swan Valley volunteers recognized


March 14, 2019

Colleen Kesterson, Pathfinder

QRU member Gwen Feese chats with servers from the Condon Community Church during the Swan Valley Emergency Services Appreciation Dinner March 9 sponsored by the church.

SWAN VALLEY - The Condon Community Church sponsored an appreciation meal on March 9 for the Swan Valley Emergency Service volunteers. According to Pastor Bruce Rippy they "make life easier for us in the Swan Valley."

"We are very thankful for the wonderful folks who protect and care for us in this valley," wrote Food Event Committee Member Patricia Busby in an email, "Too often we take that for granted - thus the dinner."

Nearly 70 Emergency Service volunteers, their families and Condon Community Church members attended.

According to Fire Chief Randy Williams, there are currently 27 SVES members. This includes firefighters and Quick Response Unit members who work together closely in an emergency. There are three members who are both firefighters and QRU members.

Williams said that John Tapp is SVES president, Tori Matthew, treasurer, Joyce Sharp, secretary and Dr. Art Scherer is the medical director.

Food Event Committee Chair Jolayne Hawver said 25 volunteers from the church prepared and served the food. This is the second year the church has honored the SVES members.

Those in attendance were pleased to be honored at the gathering. But as Food Event Committee Member Pam Keller said these SVES volunteers "don't seek glory."

QRU member Gwen Feese said," It is a nice gesture to us from the church. We don't expect thanks but we appreciate what the church does for us [SVES]. Feese summed up how most volunteers feel in general. Feese said, "I am happy to help."


Colleen Kesterson, Pathfinder

At the Condon Community Church appreciation dinner March 9 for the Swan Valley Emergency Services, Pastor Bruce Rippy told the attendees that the Swan Valley was even a better place to live because the SVES which is made up of Quick Response Unit members and volunteer firefighters. They are there to aid and protect all the residents. The church members wanted to show their appreciation for all that they do for all for the Swan Valley.


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