By Gary Fitzpatrick
Lewistown, Mont. 



February 14, 2019


To experience a miracle all you need do is go to the grocery store. Here in the middle of winter in Montana, you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, fish and almost any kind of food item you can think of. Than you have drugs, beer and wine and way too many other things to list here. The same miracle can be experienced at other stores where you can buy a huge variety of items you want or need.

If that’s not enough you can use your computer or phone to buy anything from around the world and have it delivered to your door or travel to any place in the world in hours. These and many other things we all take for granted just like warm housing, gas for our vehicles, heart transplants, etc. It is hard to imagine anything you could need or desire that isn’t available.

This miracle is created by corporations and the competition of capitalism: things leaders in the Democratic Party want to tax or change. Capitalism doesn’t make everyone equal, but it has lifted more people out of poverty and created a society where upward mobility is not only possible but usual. Capitalism continually lowers the cost of goods and services while increasing quality and availability. Check prices on large screen TV’s.

Republicans recently reduced federal taxes on corporations to 21 percent. This greatly helped Corporations stay competitive while continuing to operate in the USA, hiring American workers. Democrats want to increase those taxes.

If taxes are increased they will be paid for with an increase in product prices and/or moving operations to a foreign country. Want to pay more at checkout - then vote for a Democrat. This is how Democrat’s tax the poor and middle class while blaming “greedy” corporations for not paying their “fair share” and “income inequality”.

Corporations don’t pay taxes - they collect them. The only way they can pay is to get more money for products. Rich and poor all need things, so they pay the corporate taxes.

Successful corporations hire more workers and competition for workers results in higher pay. Many corporations provide health insurance. A job with health benefits helps the poor a lot more than food stamps and Obama care.

Keep the miracle. Not socialism, welfare and promises they know they won’t keep, of free health and education an economic impossibility. Don’t vote for a Democrat.


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