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By Ashly Alexander

A soaring second place victory for the Warhawks


February 7, 2019

Ashly Alexander, Pathfinder

2019 Swan Valley Warhawks took second place in their final tournament. Back (L-R): Connor Matthew (All-star), Kase Anderson (All-star), Kyla Conley (All-star), Christopher Auchenbach (All-star) and Levi Webb. Front (L-R): Chris Auchenbach, Katie Gleason, Jalen Kauffman, Aubrey Matthew, Darby Gleason, Trista Alexander (All-star), Lilly Boyd, Rilyn Richardson, Lacey Auchenbach and John Tapp.

DRUMMOND - On Feb. 2, the Swan Valley Warhawks, the Avon Elks, the Hall Huskies and the Helmville Mustangs met for their final tournament in Drummond. The Warhawks took second place in the tournament.

The tournament started with the SVES Warharks playing against the Hall Huskies. The game came to a tie with a score of 45-45, and resulted in a three minute overtime. During overtime, the Warhawks won the game 53-47. They then were able to move to the Championship game against the Helmville Mustangs. They took second to them with a score of 45-66.

Ashly Alexander, Pathfinder

Eighth grader Kyla Conley drives down the court and scores with a lay up.

The All-Star players were announced at the end of the tournaments. All-Stars players are Kyla Conley, Trista Alexander, Kase Anderson, Connor Matthew, and Christopher Auchenbach. They'll play the All-Star game in Avon Feb. 6 at 5 p.m.

This year, there were a total of six eighth graders. SVES head basketball coach Chris Auchenbach stated the goal for the eighth graders was to focus on teamwork fundamentals and to improve their shooting. He added the players worked hard and felt they all achieved those goals.

"I think the goal is for them to get better all the time and they did exactly that," said John Tapp, the assistant coach. "Today, I felt they played the best they've played all season."

"I love each one of the kids," said Auchenbach, addressing the season's entire team. "It was an honor to be able to coach them."


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