Fact checking the Seeley Lake sewer


January 31, 2019

SEELEY LAKE – As you all know, I resigned from the Seeley Lake Sewer Board for multiple reasons. I couldn’t sit on a corrupt board that told lies to the people of Seeley Lake for years.

The time I did serve I was bullied by the former president and was threatened to be sued for not pushing a plan through that the town neither needed or wanted. The three newly elected board members after two meetings were accused of not moving forward. After research, it was the previous board members who had no idea of what needed to be done or what they were even signing.

A business owner threatened me on Facebook because I was elected and was against a sewer, which was and is too costly for Seeley. I would post the conversation but won’t stoop to his level.

The board lied to the people of Seeley Lake saying if they didn’t move forward the state of Montana (DEQ) would install the system and costs wouldn’t matter. These threats were done by the board, county commissioner, district lawyer and numerous town people who were brainwashed. This is false. I have an email from state DEQ. Here are questions I asked and received from Haren Ogden.


Q: Is Seeley Lake on a nitrate watch list for ground water contamination?

A: DEQ is not aware of a watch list regarding nitrates and contamination at Seeley Lake. Ground water quality impacts from septics have been well documented by several studies since 1998 by the Montana Bureau of Mines.

Q: If this system fails to go forward, will the state be stepping in to install at any expense?

A: The department does not have authority to require installation of a community’s sewer system.

Those are a few places I am gathering information from.

So that being said, how many of you, that sent in your Notice and Protest, feel robbed now? This is a way for people wanting others to subsidize their developments for future sales.

I also asked for Phase 2 costs per month and they would range from $139 a month to $299. Is this really affordable?

The people need to think on the User Agreement they want you to sign before going to bid. One hundred and forty-eight are needed to go to bid. Would you sign a contract without knowing the costs? I know I won’t!

I will continue to get info for the people and pass it on to higher grounds to. Think before you sign and force your kids or family into a system that is not needed.

To be continued…


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