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By Sigrid Olson

Potomac horse found after 50 days


January 24, 2019

Chad Thurston

This palomino gelding named Dinkelman was lost in the mountains around Potomac during November and found Jan. 11 thin but unharmed.

POTOMAC - Dinkelman, a 16-year-old gelding quarter horse, got lost around Thanksgiving during hunting season on the north side of Potomac. Local snowmobiler and hunter Jeff Hahn found him on Jan. 11 after more than six weeks in the woods.

Lifelong Potomac resident Chad Thurston owns Dinkelman. He has hunted the Potomac area for 15 years, using his horses for riding and packing. Thurston has used Dinkelman for the last three years.

When Thurston hunts, he sometimes has horses at his camp. That particular day Dinkelman got loose at camp and just took off, said Thurston.  He could not be foun...

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Reader Comments(2)

toothfairy writes:

Excellent! Glad to hear he came out of the mountains once again. Your comment about your enjoyment of being on the back of a horse is shared. BTW, the wolf population in the Selway wilderness in Idaho has pretty much destroyed the elk population in the areas I used to hunt. Thanks for being out there to balance the scales. Be well, Doug Hadnot, Lolo and Seeley Lake

Casey writes:

Why is he killing wolves. Thats as bad as horse slaughter. My wolf is sleeping w my cats. Why promote extinction.? Evolve. Its like killing yr dog.


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