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By Bridget Johnson
Missoula, Mont. 

Dirty politics is not the way it has to be


January 10, 2019

I had the honor of serving as Lee Bridges’ campaign manager and the great pleasure of meeting many of you in House District 92 this summer and fall. A scurrilous ad paid for by Mike Davis, slandering Ms. Bridges, was published in The Pathfinder on Nov. 1, 2018 - less than one week before the election which gave us no time to respond and refute. Mr. Davis is a disgruntled vendor who damaged Ms. Bridges’ equipment five years ago and had to be sued before he would pay for the damages he caused.

Through public social media posts in the weeks leading up to the election, I became aware that Mr. Davis was communicating with Representative Hopkins, promising him “dirt” on Ms. Bridges and informing him that a paid attack ad would be published. I felt this was serious enough to warrant an investigation by the Commissioner of Political Practices and they felt my complaint was serious enough to do so.

Though the complaint was eventually dismissed, it is obvious that Representative Hopkins knew what was afoot and made no effort to stop it or warn Ms. Bridges. Note when he felt our campaign had gone negative, Ms. Bridges called him directly to resolve the issue.

I’m sure that poorly-written piece of slander submitted by Mr. Davis did not influence any of your votes. I know many people believe politics are always dirty but I don’t believe it has to be that way.

I am proud of the campaign we ran, focusing on issues and the strengths of my candidate, rather than tearing down her opponent.

Thank you again with meeting with Lee and her team of committed volunteers and thank you for participating in our democracy!

Bridget Johnson

Campaign Manager,

Lee Bridges for HD92


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