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Membership sought for Resource Advisory Committee


December 20, 2018

MISSOULA – Membership recruiting is underway for the Missoula County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) and Forest Service officials are soliciting applications from individuals interested in serving in one of the available 15 positions on the RAC. The RAC positions are unpaid but members provide a valuable service by making recommendations on projects that benefit Forest Service land within Missoula County. The membership terms for the original membership have expired and appointments beyond eight years (two, four year terms) are not currently authorized.

The funding and administration for Missoula County RAC projects is provided under the authority of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act

The Forest Service is seeking individuals with an interest in resource management and a strong desire to work collaboratively as part of a larger, diverse group of interests. Applicants are not required to be Missoula County residents but they must be residents of the state of Montana.

The RAC consists of 15 members and three alternates, one alternate for each category. Five members will be selected for each group and members will serve four year terms. Applicants should have background, interest or expertise in one of the three sub-groups listed below:

Group A:

• Organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups

• Developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users or commercial recreation activities

• Energy and mineral development or commercial or recreational fishing interests

• Commercial timber industry

• Federal grazing or other land use permit holders, or non-industrial private forest land owners

Group B:

• Nationally recognized environmental organizations

• Regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations

• Dispersed recreation activities

• Archaeological and historical interests

• Nationally or regionally recognized wild horse or burro groups, wildlife or hunting organizations or watershed organizations

Group C:

• State-elected office holders or their designee

• County or local elected office holders

• American Indian tribal representatives from tribes within or adjacent to RAC area

• School officials or teachers

• Citizens representing the affected public at large

Those interested in applying should contact Sari Lehl at the Ninemile Ranger District at 406-626-5201,


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