By Linda Howard
Resource Specialist, Seeley-Swan Resource Center 

ROOTS program available for those 60+

A Note from Linda


December 6, 2018

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Linda Howard Resource Specialist, Seeley-Swan Resource Center, 406-541-7688

Dear Seeley-Swan residents,

The benefit program I'm highlighting this month is ROOTS.

ROOTS is available for anyone 60 years and older who has limited income. It's a fantastic program offered by the Missoula Food Bank. Every month a 30 pound box of food is delivered to your home free of charge.

If you are a household of one and your income is $1,315 per month or less you qualify. For a household of two, you qualify if your combined income is $1,760 or less.

All you have to do is complete a very short application. The information is completely SELF-DECLARED: accordingly the Missoula Food Bank will not investigate your income or personal information.

You then choose which food you would like to be delivered.

FOOD CHOICES (subject to availability). 1. CHOOSE ONE: Cold Cereal, Farina, or Oatmeal 2. CHOOSE ONE: Beef Chili or Beef Stew 3. CHOOSE ONE: Peanut Butter or Dried Beans 4. CHOOSE ONE: Spaghetti, Macaroni or Rice. Everyone will receive: 2 bottles of Juice, 2 lbs of Cheese, Liquid Milk, Dry Milk (every other month), 2 cans of Fruit, and 4 cans of vegetables!

I have the applications available in my office, Seeley-Swan Resource Center, in the Bison & Bear Center. You can call Jamie Breidenbach Program Services Coordination for ROOTS, Missoula Food Bank at (406) 549-0543 and request an application be sent to you. Finally, you can download and print an application at this web address: and mail it to the Missoula Food Bank 1720 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT 59801.

The very best of health to you and Happy Holidays,



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