By Doug Anderson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Customers vote with their wallets


November 15, 2018

SEELEY LAKE - I am so glad that the main street businesses in Seeley Lake are booming. Profits are so high that business owners can afford to alienate huge percentages of their customers by endorsing one political candidate over another and supporting controversial ballot initiatives with signs at the entrances, parking lots and even at the cash register. Why, business is so good, that petitions calling for the removal of specific public employees, for acts of God unrelated to their work, is totally acceptable.

My management degree was only a minor, and long ago, but times have sure changed since good customer relations was of the highest importance to any business and offending a customer in such a manner would have been taboo.

In the past three months I have spoken with many, many people throughout the valley who stated, that they would never again “eat at X business” or “take their car to Y business” or “even buy a nail from Z business” or “ever buy a loaf of bread in Seeley Lake again.”

Why, even the owners of this fine newspaper must have decided that printing an “ad” with the most vile attacks on a candidate in recent history, under a thinly veiled “opinion” banner was acceptable, since they have more subscribers than they possibly need.

Investors from far and wide should come to Seeley Lake, where business is so good that you can say and do anything! But remember, the election is over. However, people are still voting with their wallets.


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