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A connection to the past - Green joins SAR


November 1, 2018

Wes Bohlken

Rob Green (right) salutes Francis Wiegand, secretary of the Liberty Tree Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, during his induction ceremony Sept. 18.

MISSOULA – Seeley Lake resident Rob Green is the second in his family to be inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution. Green was drawn to the connectedness he felt within the group and looks forward to contributing and being fed by the other enthusiasts in his constant quest to learn more about history and people.

Green descended from patriot Adam Oberlin. Oberlin was a German-speaking Alsatians who was forced to leave when France took over, or convert. He came to the United States to avoid religious persecution.

Green was invited to his father Robert's installation March 8 as a guest. From the moment he arrived, he said he felt welcome.

Green met Jane Rectenwald, the Daughters of the American Revolution liaison to the SAR Liberty Tree Chapter, Missoula, who comes up to Seeley Lake every summer. He also met the National President General Larry Guzy who, on his first visit to Montana, happened to be at that meeting.

"He was just a people person. He was actually interested in you as a person and your ancestor," said Green. "He was just genuine."

Finally, Green and Robert met the Dillon/Butte Area Chapter Bob Gunderson, who they learned was a distant cousin through Robert's great grandmother's lineage.

The next day Rectenwald, who happened to live less than a block from a house Green was working on in Missoula, stopped to visit him at the job site. She explained how easy it was to join since his father had already submitted all the historical paperwork required. All Green had to do was prove he was related to Robert. She also volunteered to help him submit the necessary paperwork for the membership application.


"She encouraged and facilitated the whole process," said Green. "It was just a process of being encouraged and feeling connected."

Despite receiving his certificate in the mail in May, Green was not officially inducted until the Liberty Tree Chapter meeting, Sept. 18.

For Green, joining was less about genealogy and more about the history of the time period. The stories of people, their hardships and their achievements fascinate Green.

"It's like a human version of salvation by faith. A sacrifice was made that I benefit from today but I had nothing to do with it. Like Jesus on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice that was made that benefits me today but I had nothing to do with it," said Green. "I couldn't go back in history and serve for us to be where we are today. It's the concept that somebody else took care of this and I'm just here by grace."

While Green currently has a full schedule with work and his involvement at Mission Bible Fellowship and the Bible Study Fellowship in Missoula, he is looking to be as active with the Liberty Tree Chapter as possible. Since he has a background in education and English, he is hoping to help judge the National Essay Contest and other opportunities that do not require attending regular meetings. Once his schedule allows him, he would like to pursue serving as an assistant Chaplin for the group.

"It's not a political group but it is a patriotic group," said Robert after being inducted last March. "We don't do politics but we do honor our nation. We do try to live up to the ideals established by our ancestors who fought and in some cases died to create our country and our system of government."

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