By Lee Bridges
East Missoula, Mont. 

Open letter to Mike Hopkins


October 25, 2018

Dear Mike:

In your last letter to the editor you accused me and my staff of sending out attack ads against you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, none of my campaign literature or ads have ever even mentioned you.

As you said, like you I am proud that our campaign against each other has been conducted by the highest standards of ethics and civility. Over the last few months we have had many conversations and, although we are opponents, they have never been acrimonious.

Your last couple of letters have surprised and shocked me, because it doesn’t seem like the Mike I have come to know on the campaign trail.

If there is a mailing by an independent outside group that includes some criticism of you, as you know, my staff and I have no influence over what independent campaigns do. In fact, if we were to know (called “collaboration”), we would be in serious violation of Montana’s election laws.

I am sorry that you are so upset and I can only hope that once this is all over that we return to our former relationship of mutual respect and esteem for one another.

Best wishes,

Lee Bridges - Candidate for HD92


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