Marshall response - Hopkins keep up the good work

I just read Mike Marshall’s editorial from Oct. 18. I was appalled at his armchair political attack on Mike Hopkins. Hey, Mr. Marshall, how about I send 40 people to where your mother volunteers to bust in, climb up on the roof, put up posters, shout obstinacies from a bull horn, shove cameras in her face and protest about something unrelated to her?

The Kavanaugh issue the protesters were upset with had nothing to do with the GOP office. The GOP volunteers are there to support Republican candidates locally and statewide. It was suggested that they go to the Daines’ office to protest.



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moondance writes:

Keith Virga. You appear to have misread all of my letters, but fine reading skills need to be honed. I agreed with you that some terrible actions were probably performed in Missoula. But that was not the focus of my letter. Go back and re-read it. And thanks for the civility (that's irony)!

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