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By Karen Peterson
Potomac, Mont. 

Why I'm voting for Bridges for HD92


October 18, 2018

I’ve known Lee Bridges for over 30 years, since back in the days when she rebuilt and restored antique motorcycles with her late husband, Partsfather. She’s always worked in the blue collar trades; from wrenching bikes, to building her own shop, to going to Vo-tech for machine shop and then for welding, before getting into the sheet metal trade.

All the while Lee’s been working, she’s also been a public servant on the local fire department, Sewer Board and Community Council. She’s been on the East Missoula Sewer Board since it started in the 90’s to protect the ground water and prevent East Missoula from being annexed into the City of Missoula.

While I live in Potomac, I have a second residence in East Missoula that’s unzoned. Lee’s on the Community Council because she’s also unzoned and knows she represents many of us who are entrepreneurs and have our own businesses where we live in East Missoula. Her goal is to work with the County on setting us up with a zoning designation called “Live/Make”, which allows us to live on the same site as our shops. I know she will follow through with this because being on the Sewer Board, she knows we Will be annexed after our sewer contract is up with the city and she knows the importance of getting zoning in place ahead of that.

I trust Lee will be as diligent in the Legislature as she is in every other aspect of her life and that’s why I’m voting for Lee Bridges for HD92 in November!


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