Seeley Swan Pathfinder -

By Klaus von Stutterheim
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Lee Bridges for HD92


October 11, 2018

Lee is an extraordinarily talented and unconventional person. She was the first women to be admitted to the Sheet Metal Workers Union and the devices she builds are not only useful but also in high demand.

Politically, Lee has an astonishing talent to connect to people of all stripes. I am convinced that she will be able to reach across the aisle once she is serving in the legislature and she will help construct the practical compromises that make government effective.

Lee is down-to-earth, with a strong personality and firm convictions. Her immediate targets as a legislator will focus on bringing affordable health care to all Montanans. She will work for education that will teach kids and adults the skills they need to compete in today’s complex economy and enable them to start businesses that will make it possible for students to stay in Montana once they graduate. She will also concentrate on the whole area of wildfire mitigation, working on practical and realistic solutions to cut through the complexity of overlapping government entities.

In all my decades in politics I have rarely seen a candidate so committed, so hard-working, attracting such a large group of diverse and devoted volunteers. I am proud to consider myself Lee’s friend and I could not think of a better candidate than Lee Bridges as our MT House Representative for HD 92.


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